Installation of Ljc 0.9

Please follow the following instructions to install Ljc 0.9 on Windows.


Ljc 0.9 runs on Windows Platform from Windows XP to Windows 10. Ljc 0.9 does not rely on a C compiler and don't need any other requirements.

Download Ljc 0.9

Ljc 0.9 can be downloaded here


First execution

Open a console (Press Windows + R Keys and enter the command 'cmd') On the console prompt, enter the following command and you should see the ljc help message.

ljc -h
ljc 0.9, the lua to native executable compiler (c) Samir Tine 2016.
Usage: ljc [-hdsoj] [files]
    -h              show this help message
    -d              use dynamic ljc runtime library
    -s              use static ljc runtime library
    -o <file>       set output to <file>
    -j              use LuaJIT
    -w              Windows gui subsystem